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Insider Intelligence provides research products with reliable data and expert insights to equip you with actionable takeaways for better business decisions. Our products will help you operate your business in a digital world by offering transparently sourced and vetted data from thousands of sources distilled into charts, forecasts, and robust reports.

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Insider Intelligence Reports


As one of our flagship products, our research reports are filled with charts, forecasts, interviews, and contextual analysis to prescribe how you can leverage our data to inform your business strategies. Our reports examine a given industry under one of our coverage areas from multiple angles, ranging from high-level overviews of the trends, market forces, and players affecting that industry, to product and company rankings and comparisons.


These A to Z breakdowns of entire industries will keep you ahead of the curve. Ecosystem reports cover how the biggest trends and players are shaping the industry through forecasts, product/company rankings or comparisons, and an overall explanation of the industry structure.

Benchmark Reports

Key insights from executives and early tech adopters will help you take action in the competitive landscape. These reports rank technologies, features, and vendors, so that businesses can see how they stack up against competitors.

Forecast Reports

Our analysts predict emerging trends and market progressions for the coming years. As nearly every market is transforming amid digital disruption, clients leverage our forecast reports with contextual analysis to identify growth opportunities and better plan for industry shifts.

Disruptive Trends

These reports break down the most popular market trends before they explode in the public sector. We highlight market shifts and disruptors to help you make actionable decisions as trends emerge.

Topical Deep Dives

In-depth analysis reports pinpoint a specific topic and details how it’s transforming your business. Get comprehensive overviews on how they affect your business to inform business strategy and campaigns.

Slide Decks

High-level PowerPoint decks on the most important topics for concise and actionable takeaways. Clients leverage the key data points and one sentence takeaways for more straightforward storytelling.

Insider Intelligence Forecasts


We offer interactive projections with over 10,000 proprietary metrics about digital transformation to inform your teams and enable more informed decisions. These metrics run through a single, consistent view to compare, contrast and understand each metric.

Insider Intelligence Benchmarks


Benchmark Reports from Insider Intelligence leverage our proprietary data to rank the major players in a given industry based on our original methodology, survey questions, and ranking system. These reports are critical for decision-makers at any company under the scope of our coverage areas.

Insider Intelligence Industry Briefings

Industry Briefings

Receive personalized client-only newsletters on the most recent and important news and trends, delivered straight to your inbox. Keep up to speed on what the latest headlines mean to your business by receiving exclusive data and insight within each Briefing, helping you to anticipate what’s to come for your industry.

Insider Intelligence Charts & Data

Charts & Data

Our iconic charts leverage our proprietary data and over 3,000 third-party sources to provide you with quick takeaways on the most important industry trends and topics. Our charts ensure that subscribers are able to easily find the right data point to frame a decision or build the ultimate deck.

Insider Intelligence Industry KPI's

Industry KPIs

Industry KPIs is the most comprehensive portal for marketing, retail, and ecommerce KPIs available anywhere, with more than 30 leading sources of industry KPIs–and growing. Save countless hours currently spent curating and vetting KPIs and get right to benchmarking your performance against industry standards.

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These short stories will take just 2-5 minutes to get you up to speed on the most recent topics and trends in your industry.

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Digestible roundtable discussions on popular topics, perfect for on-the-go listening.

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Hear directly from industry experts and our analysts as they discuss key digital topics.

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A curation of articles, interviews, and charts for a comprehensive look into a specific topic, all in one downloadable document.

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Exclusive perspectives from a diverse group of industry leaders for additional third-party insights, plus an inside look at their recent business initiatives.

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